The Municipality of Echague is known to be the YOGAD City for it has its roots with Yogad culture, traditions and indigenous practices. Along with these are persons in history who served as the heroes and heroines of the people of Echague and they are called the MENGALS. A Mengal hero known to the Echaguenos is KAPITAN TERCERO. He is a Mengal Leader in the history of the place who exemplifies many positive traits which the present generation could emulate. The town of Echague has 14 Mengals: Mengal Alingot, Mengal Dappanan, Mengal Balladon, Mengal Bagguadon, Mengal Lagutao, Mengal Piran, Mengal Mangahasu, Mengal Gumpin, Mengal Magayam, Mengal Magaya, Mengal Liban, Mengal Antonio Mangadap, Kapitan Tercero and Mengal Balunsat. Thus, in October 2016, the first Mengal Festival was celebrated. This most prestigious festival is the initiative of Mayor Francis Faustino “KIKO” A. Dy, the 28th Municipal Mayor. Revolving with the center idea promoting and preserving the positive Yogad culture, the implementation of this prestigious festivity is a product of thorough deliberation. Mr. Nilo Agustin, Tourism Planning and Development Consultant for Local Government Units and Head of Municipal Cultural and Tourism Office (MCTO), Mr. Louie C. Simbi, consulted and planned with the Elders of Echague, stakeholders including retired teachers and religious sector prior to its implementation. Questions were raised, deliberation were conducted until finally they came up with the decision of giving the Mengals the honor they deserve, thus, the Echague Mengal Festival. A Municipal Resolution No. 2016-054 was authored by Hon. Rodolfo B. Acosta, sectoral representative for Indigenous People held last August 01, 2016 declaring the month of October as Echague Mengal Festival in commemoration of the municipal heroes and heroines who are the “Yogad Mengals”. From then on, every year, the Mengal Festival was added to the colorful calendar of the uniquely beautiful culture in the Home of the Yogads, our dearly beloved Echague. There are points on why this festivity was implemented. Mainly, it is to give honor to the Yogad warriors. Specifically: To commemorate the courage of Echagues Heroes and Heroines. – With the courage our local heroes and heroines possess, they were able fight for our town against the Moros. To promote Yogad’s goods and delicacies during the month-long celebration. – There are really delicious local goods of Yogad. They are not known by other people from different places for it has no platform for the Yogad to promote and market them to a wider range. To impart dying knowledge regarding Yogad history. – Echague is home to many Yogad yet no medium to tell its people about its. With the help of the festivity, one of its event called *** depicts the history of Yogad. It is a play so the audience can enjoy while learning. To revive dying cultures that are distinct to Yogad. – There are Yogad cultures that were on the verge dying. This is because of the scarcity of people practicing the culture. One sub-activity of this festivity is the workshops and training. Tallelet is a cultural bamboo instrument with only one individual making it. The municipality saw the immediate revival of this instrument so they conducted a workshop on Tallelet making. Now, several people know how to make Tallelet. To let Yogad Culture known worldwide. – Yogad culture has good qualities that really deserves to be known worldwide. The Mengal Festival implementation is a good way to introduce the culture to anyone outside the area. The administration uses the media for its immediate recognition. To provide unity. – To unite people in a common goal; to preserve, conserve, develop, protect, and promote Yogad to Echaguenos’ culture, arts, heritage, wisdom, and tourist attraction. For the greater aspect, we envision Echague Mengal Festivial as a premier tourism festival in South East Asia.